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Natural Safe MouthWash / Gargle
250 ml

  • Mouthwash / Gargle 2-3 times daily.
  • Keeps hygienty of mouth and pharynx.
  • Refreshes and removes bad odour for smokers.
  • For whitening teeth.
  • For candidates .
Category : Cosmo-Ceutical, Dental Care
Tags : Anti-Covid 19, Bad Mouth Odour, Mouth Gargle, Mouth Wash, Pharyngitis, SARS COV-2, Viral infection, Viral Pharyngitis
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Suitable AFA H2O2 mouthwash is the defense mechanism against bad breath, teeth cavity and pharyngitis especially for pregnant women, diabetic patient and smokers.

AFA H202 mouthwash is the first defense line against any infection especially Covid-19 as H2O2 kills the SARS COV 2 virus in early stage of infection.


  • Daily hygiene mouthwash.
  • As a gargle against viral and bacterial pharyngitis.
  • For bleeding gum.
  • Prophylactic against SARS COV 2.


H202 which kills any bacteria or virus especially SARS COV 2.

Castor oil to get rid of candida and keeps mouth healthy by promotes healing.

Menthol as a refresher.

Usage Recommendations

  • Used as a AFA H2O2 mouthwash without dilution twice a day or as directed by your doctor.
  • Used as a Throat Gargle in case of bacterial or viral pharyngitis without dilution twice a day, or as directed by a doctor.
Weight: 300 g
Size: 250 ml

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