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100 ml

  • Used 3 times daily.
  • For treatment and prophylaxis of diabetic foot.
  • For treatment of skin injuries (cuts, burns).
  • For post laser therapy.
  • For post peeling therapy.

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Category : Cosmo-Ceutical, Skin Care, Surgical Care
Tags : Camellia Sinensis, Diabetic Foot, Hamamelis, Healing, Laser Therapy, Peeling Therapy, Skin, Vitis Vinifera
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Diabetic foot is one of the main critical complication of diabetes, due to low blood circulation of the foot that’s affects nervous system of the foot and lead to lose of pian sensation, risk of injuries, resistant infections, and slow wound healing.

Sharklist plus cream is optimal for diabetic foot as prophylaxis and treatment.

Sharklist plus cream increase blood circulation, moisturizing, antioxidant, promotes healing, refine skin texture.

Sharklist plus cream also are optimal choice for post laser therapy, post peeling therapy, and any skin injuries.


  • For all diabetic patients as foot care cream.
  • For treatment & prophylaxis of diabetic foot.
  • Post laser therapy.
  • Post peeling therapy.
  • Any skin kind of skin injuries (cuts, burns, itching, eczema, insect bites, … etc.).


Sharklist plus cream contains extracts of natural products as follow:

  1. Camellia Sinesis.
  2. Vitis Venifira.
  3. Hamamelis.
  4. Aloe Vera.
  5. Chamomile.
  6. Sesame Oil.

These extracts are powerful effect as healing, increasing blood circulation, moisturizing and antioxidant effect. Which make Sharklist optimal cream for diabetic foot care & healing effect.

Usage Recommendations

  • For diabetic foot after cleaning of the foot and fully dry, Sharklist plus cream should be apply 3 times daily for both foot with rubbing until all cream absorbs.
  • For healing Sharklist plus cream should be apply 3 times at affected area with rubbing till the cream fully absorbed.
Weight: 150 g
Dimensions: 40 × 60 × 155 mm
Size: 100 ml

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